About Us

Retirement Options is the Retirement Assessment, Life-Planning and Training Leader.

Founded in 1989 by Dr. Richard P. Johnson to help individuals, couples and groups lead enriched lives in their retirement years through pre-retirement assessment and life-planning. We coined the phrase ‘retirement life-planning’ and began the practice of non-financial preparation for retirement.

Today, Retirement Options is the leader in retirement coach certification with a worldwide network of over 850 professionals serving individual, couple and group clients.

As the creator of the Retirement Success™ Profile(RSP) and the LifeOptions™ Profile (LOP), our network of trained professionals help people look beyond the ‘dollars & cents’ of traditional retirement planning and focus on career, family, wellness and personal development options.

Over the past 22 years, the Retirement Options program has been delivered to over 25,000 individuals through our diverse network of hundreds of trained and certified professional consultants — independent coaches, career consultants, financial advisors, HR managers and educators/trainers.

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