Retirement Success™ Program

Our In-depth Insight Individual Program

The Retirement Success Program is a retirement coach’s dream. It allows the coach to delve deeply into the personal issues that affect retirement based on 15 retirement transition skills.

The Retirement Success Program allows illuminated insight and understanding, it brings to light the uniqueness of the individual and provides clear definition of those affective and expressive factors that can be the most powerful motivators for success for that particular client. Coaches love the program because it elevates the coaching conversation to a new level of personal meaning.

The Retirement Success Program has four components:

  1. The Assessment : The Retirement Success Profile (RSP)
  2. The Companion Book: The New Retirement
  3. Life-Transition Personal Insight Activities
  4. Powerful questions for personal activation

1. The Retirement Success Profile (RSP) is a scientifically designed assessment tool that identifies personal retirement strengths and concerns for people over 50 planning their retirement or who are already retired.

The goal of the RSP is to provide your clients the most accurate, personalized, and comprehensive retirement planning information possible.

The RSP has been validated, administered and interpreted by thousands of individuals over the past 18 years and continually refined along the way.

After completing the RSP, your client receives a 23-page RSP Personalized Interpretive Report. You, as the coach, will be able to interpret this report in-depth and help your client create a Personal Retirement Mission Statement and Retirement Strategy Plan.

“The RSP is the most comprehensive and best validated tool currently available. Every retiree should be using it.”

“Retirement preparation is a much bigger issue today than ever before.”

“This is the only program that truly addresses the personal issues of retirement planning.”

2. The New Retirement is a 121 page paperback book written by Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D., sub-titled “your mature career/life planning guide.” The book clearly portrays a refreshing new perspective of retirement.

The New Retirement is perfectly coordinated with the RSP, so the coach and client can be “in-step” right from the start.

The New Retirement is uplifting and motivational, it’s thought provoking and original, it’s sensitive and insightful. This companion book to the RSP is not available except through a Certified Retirement Success Coach.

3. Life Transition Personal Insight Exercises
The Retirement Success Program is abundant with these exercises that further extend and personalize the material in the client’s 23 page RSP Inventory.

Coach and client together use the exercises to give sharper focus and heightened personal meaning to the 15 retirement success factors.

Coaches help their clients to generate the very best retirement transition decisions and build the most satisfying stage of living possible.

4. Powerful Questions
For each factor in the Retirement Success Program we have composed a set of powerful questions that can quickly frame or re-frame issues that are personally relevant and innately motivational for each client.

Coaches use powerful questions to bring greater clarity and more penetrating understanding to the coaching encounter – all focused on practical ways of living better, all the while honoring the uniqueness of the individual.

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