Five Ways to Discover What’s Next

“I don’t have much of an imagination, so I can’t imagine life in retirement. What can I do?” This question came from a participant at a recent presentation of mine. She was very successful in her career and was beginning to consider what was next for her. There are many ways… Read More ›


Three Signs It’s Not Time To Shut Down Your Coaching Business Yet

Recently, I had a couple coaches share with me that they were on the verge of a major decision:  They had reached a point where they were either going to completely shut down their business or make one more serious push to bring it back to life. Fact of the… Read More ›


Four Tips for Preparing for Retirement

After years of hard work, retirement is a good reward. It’s something everyone looks forward to: a chance to relax, pursue hobbies that you’ve never found time for, or travel. Retirement isn’t the end, but rather the beginning of a new chapter. But how do you adequately prepare for this new… Read More ›


Applying Innovation Expertise to Personal Innovation

So much of retirement planning focuses on the financial planning – providing guidance on investment balance, cash flow management, and how much should you save. But very little talks about How-to-define your retirement life – the (many) days after the big day. How do you create your best retirement life… Read More ›

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50 Years Young: Plan, Dream, and Live Life to the Fullest

I have been waiting with great anticipation for it to come in the mail, just like my ten-year-old waits for her Disney magazine. It has not come yet, but I know that I will feel validated and special when it arrives. I am waiting for my AARP card, and the… Read More ›

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College and Career Readiness for Learners of All Ages

Article originally published in the NCDA Career Developments, a publication of the National Career Development Association. Does college and career readiness (CCR) look like it did during your youth? That question drives this article as career development charts its course into its second century. Shifting the focus of CCR beyond… Read More ›


Do Images of Aging Scare You?

Have you ever wondered what the images of aging really look like?  What is your perception of aging? Some people believe it has both mystical and spiritual aspects of life, or it’s a dream manifested in the mind of every individual, a dream that sets the stage for purposeful and… Read More ›

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Taking My Business and My Life to South America

When I turned fifty, I took a long look at my life and didn’t like what I saw.  I was stressed out, working too many hours, spending too much time in my car, and felt a faint sense of disappointment with many of my relationships.  Sound familiar? My solution to… Read More ›

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Your Life Purpose and Your Career

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” Ralph Waldo Emerson How do we know our life purpose? How do we find a fulfilling career… Read More ›

Finding Your Luster in Retirement

Finding Your Luster in Retirement

I went to a wedding recently and was seated next to a charming gentleman, who politely inquired about my occupation. When I told him that I worked with Baby Boomers who did not know what they wanted to do when they grew up, and did non-financial retirement coaching, he gleefully… Read More ›