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The Perils and Promises of Retirement

There is an emerging trend in retirement today that not only avoids the all-too-common decline in relevance and quality of life that so many experience, but offers instead the opportunity to continually grow and thrive throughout this unique phase of life. Traditional views of retirement presume a progressive decline in… Read More ›

Partnership and team work

“New Retirement Planning — Everyone WINS!”

As Human Resources professionals, your radar screen has been attuned to the subject of an ageing workforce for several years. You have run the numbers for your own company’s demographics and know how the retirement of the largest generation of workers in history, the Baby Boomers, will affect your business…. Read More ›


The Problem with a Touchy-Feely Retirement

Too often, retirement is portrayed as a feeling. Depicted as a utopian sense of time, during which past actions continually foster positive thoughts and feelings, guiding the retiree through the remainder of life. This philosophy makes for moving and emotionally charged commercials and brochures, but a retiree’s over reliance on… Read More ›


Three Signs It’s Not Time To Shut Down Your Coaching Business Yet

Recently, I had a couple coaches share with me that they were on the verge of a major decision:  They had reached a point where they were either going to completely shut down their business or make one more serious push to bring it back to life. Fact of the… Read More ›

Retirement Options Featured in Kiplinger's Article About Retirement Planning

Reasons To Hire A Retirement Coach

A wise person is quoted as saying, “We’ve put more effort into helping folks reach retirement age than into helping them enjoy it.” With the average job length less than five years, the transition process and identification of criteria for career satisfaction are visited each time we look for new… Read More ›


Values-Based Retirement

“Make love, not war!” was the rallying cry of the infamous ’60s’ generation. While many were talking about the ‘love’ part as reflecting a new sexual freedom, others were thinking about how to stop the Vietnam War. Underneath it all values were being expressed. Perhaps not in the best way,… Read More ›


Soap Opera Selling Attracts Readers and Money

Most coaches have a blog or newsletter but struggle to attract new readers, and more importantly, fail to monetize it.  While there are a number of different ways coaches can improve upon what they are already doing, my favorite approach is referred to as Soap Opera Selling. At some point… Read More ›


Retirement Ups and Downs

A survey of some of the first baby boomers to reach retirement revealed that while most are content with their decision to leave the workplace, many found the transition to retirement to be emotionally challenging. Earlier this year, Ameriprise Financial released results of its Retirement Triggers study, a survey of… Read More ›

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College and Career Readiness for Learners of All Ages

Article originally published in the NCDA Career Developments, a publication of the National Career Development Association. Does college and career readiness (CCR) look like it did during your youth? That question drives this article as career development charts its course into its second century. Shifting the focus of CCR beyond… Read More ›