Posted On July 6, 2017

Do you have a direction for your life after retirement? Do you know where you are going then?

Reprinted with permission.
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Having a vision for your life is a beautiful thing. It makes your dreams feel more concrete and obtainable. It gives you focus, direction and a barometer upon which to make life decisions. With a vision, you live with intention and purpose because you know where you are going. Without the direction of a clear vision for guidance, it is unlikely you will feel fulfilled because you will not base your decisions on what you want and where you are headed. Instead, you will base them on circumstances of the moment.

It is especially important to have a vision for your life after you retire. You likely do not want to end up sitting in a chair watching TV reruns or rented movies all day. You also do not want to sit and wait for death. The world has so much to offer you. You will not want to waste any of it. By the same token, you have a great deal to offer to other people in your community. A retirement lifestyle needs purpose and direction. Your life after retirement can have just as much purpose (maybe, more) as your life before retirement. So, where are you going after retirement? What will make your retirement dreams concrete and achievable?

Try creating a vision of what you want your life to look like in all areas of life. Picture it in your mind every day. Then create your plan to get there, take action with a resolve not to quit, and watch what happens. Even the smallest steps will lead you to your goals. Only you can make the commitment to step into a meaningful and powerful life after retirement.

There is nothing that restricts retirement visioning and planning to the days and months following retirement. If you are nearing retirement, you can begin your planning process today. Having everything mapped out will ease your transition into your retirement lifestyle.

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