August Professional Development Webinar


Date & Time
Wednesday, August 2, 2017
5pm – 6pm EDT

Reinvent Midlife via Travel

Exclusively available for Retirement Options Certified Coaches. This month’s guest speaker is Jan Moore, MA. Jan is a Midlife Reinvention Coach. After 20+ years as a Career Counsellor, she traded a full-time job for self-employment when she wrote the book, Work On Your Own Terms in midlife & beyond. Her background includes a MA in Leadership & Training, extensive counsellor training, and she is certified in four areas: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator instructor, Life Skills Coach, Senior Advisor, and Retirement Coach.

Baby Boomers say they want to travel and experience more of the world. Many of us believe we can’t afford it and cite not traveling enough as one of our biggest regrets. However, it’s becoming increasingly more common to reinvent your life and work while you travel. There are many options.

This exclusive event is made available to all Retirement Options Certified Coaches via Constant Contact one week prior to the date of the webinar. The email invitation will include the registration link. For more information please contact Retirement Options at 919-354-6686 or