June Professional Development Webinar


Date & Time
Wednesday, June 7, 2017
5pm – 6pm EDT

Victory Lap Retirement

Exclusively available for Retirement Options Certified Coaches. Please join us and our guest speaker, Michael Drak for the June Professional Development Webinar. This webinar focuses on lifestyle design, post primary career with the goal of creating a low stress fulfilling lifestyle that will optimize the quality of a person’s remaining years. Coaches will learn during this webinar, why traditional full-stop retirement doesn’t work anymore, dangers of prolonged exposure to stress, three common myths about retirement, and the benefits derived from creating your own Victory lap lifestyle.

This exclusive event is made available to all Retirement Options Certified Coaches via Constant Contact one week prior to the date of the webinar. The email invitation will include the registration link. For more information please contact Retirement Options at 919-354-6686 or success@retirementoptions.com