October Professional Development Webinar


Date & Time
Wednesday, October 4, 2017
5pm – 6pm EDT

Cultivating Corporate Clients

Exclusively available for Retirement Options Certified Coaches. Join us and guest speakers Jeff Jans and Mickie Schroeder (BOOMERangs) for this month’s Professional Development webinar.

We believe large and medium size organizations can benefit from retirement coaching in multiple ways but, as of today, only a handful have given it a try. Those that have added coaching to their retirement package have yet to accumulate enough data to back up its effectiveness. Does that mean marketing to them is premature? We say No.

Despite the lack of results oriented data, so imperative to corporations, there is plenty of other data, from highly credible sources, that does make the case for how beneficial retirement coaching can be. We have organized it to be as persuasive as possible and will present it to you as if you are CEO’s and Sr. VP’s searching for a solution.

This exclusive event is made available to all Retirement Options Certified Coaches via Constant Contact one week prior to the date of the webinar. The email invitation will include the registration link. For more information please contact Retirement Options at 919-354-6686 or success@retirementoptions.com