We are living in unprecedented times. More than 76 million Baby Boomers are on the verge of retirement, and estimates show that for the next twenty years approximately 10,000 people a day will retire! But the real story is that these retirees are younger, healthier, and will live longer than retirees in the past. Many people will spend as many years in retirement as they did in their primary careers.

Guess what? These savvy Baby Boomers want and need help achieving and navigating this new phase of their lives. They are open to the benefits of non-financial retirement planning and desire retirement transition coaching.

As a Retirement Options Certified Coach, you can help individuals achieve their dreams and enjoy a more fulfilling retirement!

There are many reasons to become a retirement coach, including the fulfillment of truly helping others while also providing a flexible and exciting way to generate income and a sense of accomplishment for yourself.

Becoming a Retirement Options Certified Coach was an excellent investment in both time and money. I've developed a much deeper understanding of how I can help my clients increase their 'happiness portfolio' in retirement.

Benefits of Becoming a Retirement Options Certified Coach

Provide your clients with a clear picture and plan to achieve their retirement dreams

As a Retirement Options Certified Coach, you can deliver a highly personalized and customized plan to help individuals make the most of life in retirement. Using our proprietary assessments, the Retirement Success Profile™ and the LifeOptions Profile™, you gain critical insights into areas where your clients need to focus their energy so they can move forward and begin living their retirement dreams with purpose and conviction.

Differentiate yourself and your services

Whether currently or considering becoming a professional coach, counselor, psychologist, social worker, educator, or trainer, as a Retirement Options Certified Coach you bring added value to your clients while differentiating yourself from others in your field. With our proprietary retirement readiness assessments, even financial planners can differentiate themselves by helping clients determine their readiness for retirement from a holistic perspective!

Earn Continuing Education Credits

The Retirement Options Webinar Certification Course is pre-approved for 36 hours of CCE through International Coach Federation and can be applied toward your continuing education requirements.

Feel a sense of truly helping others

Certified retirement transition coaches help thousands of individuals establish and achieve their retirement goals! With our proprietary self-assessments and supplemental materials, you have the tools, support and structure to help your clients understand their needs and focus their energy to quickly produce results.

Share a sense of community with colleagues

Join our network of over 800 certified retirement coaches around the world and become part of the Retirement Options family! In addition to building your network of professional peers, Retirement Options provides you with a quality forum for support, current trends, new ideas, and successes.