The LifeOptions Profile™ assesses retirement readiness across 20 lifestyle and attitudinal dimensions in six life arenas: Career and Work, Health and Wellness, Finance and Insurance, Family and Relationships, Leisure and Social, and Personal Development.

This assessment tool is perfect for use in corporate and group workshop settings, and equally appropriate for individual coaching. The LifeOptions Profile™ reveals powerful insights about retirement lifestyle issues that are easily presented and discussed in group or classroom settings. When used in a group setting, individuals often choose to continue working one-on-one with the coach.

Upon completion of the assessment, individuals receive a personalized report that indicates areas of preparedness and identifies gaps providing a functional blueprint for retirement planning and transition.

The LifeOptions Profile™ assigns a red, yellow, or green designation across all but four of the dimensions, which are ranked preferences to indicate one’s level of retirement readiness as compared to others who have taken the assessment. The LifeOptions Profile™ provides individuals with a personal, practical, and relevant self-portrait of one’s lifestyle needs and provides insights on transitioning from their current lifestyle to their new retirement lifestyle.

The LifeOptions Program Consists of Four Components Delivered by a Retirement Options Certified Coach.

The LifeOptions Profile™

Described above, this assessment provides the foundation from which a more fulfilling retirement plan can be created. Administered by a Retirement Options Certified Coach.

What Color is Your Retirement?

This book, written by Dr. Richard P. Johnson, the creator of the LifeOptions Profile™, is critical to exploring the content introduced in the assessment and discovering one’s retirement dream in concert with coaching. Following completion of the assessment, the book is provided by the certified retirement coach either in electronic or print format.

Client Exercises

Expertly trained Retirement Options Certified Coaches use these exercises with clients to further personalize and deepen an individual’s understanding of the material received from the LifeOptions Profile™.

Powerful Questions

By posing powerful questions during coaching, certified retirement coaches assist clients to focus on their next steps toward creating a successful transition strategy to a fulfilling retirement.

LifeOptions Dimensions

Ideal Work
Work Benefits
Work Options
Health Practices

Financial Knowledge
Financial Planning
Financial Confidence

Caregiving: Aging Parents
Caregiving: Adult Children
Leisure Preferences

Life Meaning